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Private Lives - Podcast for the Sexually Adventurous. 

We bring the classic the Adam and Eve Newsletter to Life. 

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In this edition Marla Hatch teaches us about boobs, Dr. Kat reviews her favorite toy, Vanessa Cummings shares a listener letter about hairy woman, and we've got the adult movie review lineup as well. 

Boobs are extraordinarily sensitive erogenous zones. Fortunately for the ladies, most men are happy to lavish attention on the area whether they're small or large, firm or flaccid; breasts drive men crazy. The nipples are the most sensitive part of the breasts and they tend to become stiff upon arousal. They can be robbed, pinched, licked, sucked, and even bitten. Some of them might clamps providing pain and pleasure. My friend Anna describes nipple clamps as painful at first but after afew minutes the pain becomes heat and the heat radiates a sexual feeling throughout her body, especially between her legs making her juices flow like a broken dam. Having her nipples clamped makes her constantly aware of them and aware of herself as a sexual being and it drives her completely crazy. More traditional sucking is great too and that leads us to feeding. Many lactating women report feeling aroused when breast feeding. My friend, Elisa, she likes to feed her husband pieces of fruits alternately with her nipples. Breasts come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. And while most men will tell you the bigger the better, my friend Roy, who's not alone, prefers small boobs. He likes to nibble on the titties, like they're tasting cookies; the nipple is like sweet chip in the center. But no matter small, large, or the middle there, breasts were made for touching and sucking. And if a man who wants to get anywhere with me, he's got to start with my boobs.

 Next up, the adult movie review with Boston-based rapper, reverend, and a movie critic, Detention. The 8th Day is the monster hit for Adam and Eve and in the entire adult film world winning a slew of AVN awards including best film and best all-female threesome. The hype was all about a Mad Max-like world with Samantha portrayed by Kayden Kross awakens from a cryogenic-type deep sleep discover naturally the end of the world looms...... 

Vanessa Cummings, narrates a story about a gentleman who prefers his women-hairy. Here's a letter from our reader, Paul. Ever since I can remember, I have a thing for hair. Not long lux falling of the shoulder per se. I'm talking about body hair, in the arm pits, body, legs, and in between her legs, bellies, and even breasts. 

Dr. Kat Van Kirk, Clinical Sexologist and Marriage & Family Therapist. As an adult toy correspondent, Dr. Kat reviews my first backdoor toy brought to you by Adam and Eve. This toy is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, it's designed slender vibrating dildo, that actually measures about 5 inches long, perfect length. It's easy and right for beginners. Works perfect with lubes with adjustable vibration speeds. Safe and comfortable backdoor pleasure toy. 

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