A Private Affair

In this edition we've got a 2 part story sent in by Valerie from Alabama called Truck Stop Tart. Checkout how butterfly hooks up with the travelling man over an hour and a half of casual pleasure. Our resident Sexpert Kim Airs teaches us on how to pick the perfect strap on and we'll hear from out Editor Gloria.

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Peter Simon introduces Brittany, who tells the story of her first encounter with older men and sexologist Dr.Kat Van Kirk talks abour her favorite sex toy from Adam and Eve. Don't forget to use copon code PRIVATE at www.adamandeve.com for 50% off plus FREE SHIPPING and a FREE GIFT.

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Innocent Bath Time with Marla Hatch. Giving your lover a bath is one good stress buster. Don't forget to enter the Offer Code PRIVATE at the checkout to enjoy HALF OFF on almost ANY item. Plus FREE DVD's, a FREE Gift, and FREE Shipping at the www.AdamAndEve.com checkout.

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Welcome to the first edition of the Private Lives newsletter - the newsletter for the sexually adventurous. This is the original Private Lives newsletter, which we brought back to life in today's technology-driven world. Adam and Eve offer 50% off on almost ANY ITEM at www.adamandeve.com if you enter the coupon code PRIVATE at checkout. Don't forget to subscribe and leave us feedback too.

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